Client Membership

menschForce is a consortium of consultants and clients.  We accommodate clients of any size and value, globally.

MenschForce Consultants are here to support your project of any size. Our consultants have a wide spectrum of skills, experience, and technical expertise. 

Some of the reasons why menschForce is the right partner for you are:

  • The menschforce platform is enabled by Blockchain – smart contract, automation, and distributed ledger providing an effective risk-free, trustless procurement channel.
  • The main driving philosophy of menschForce is to create a level playing, productivity-based, broker less platform for every human to capitalize, benefit fully and directly for their work effort. This provides our clients with an opportunity to engage directly with the experts.
  • menschForce consultants are specially trained and experienced subject matter experts who sell their guaranteed outcome; not just the time. So, our clients can manage and complete their projects within the budget and timeframe.
  • Our clients are guaranteed with quick replacements of consultants, accommodate dynamic change requirements and DevSecOps. Our consultants are trained and certified in distributed and cloud computing environments.
  • The consortium stands 100% for both you and our consultants. We meditate the project risks by controlled settlement process(digital assets) and insurance.

Becoming a Customer Member is easy. You need to pay a annual membership fee of $9000 and then negotiate a project contract with the menschForce Partner(account Managers). These contracts shall be a master purchase followed by individual project contracts. And the best part of the engagement is, you will get the $9000 back as digital Assets once your purchase price exceeds this amount within the membership year. So, this is just a minimum purchase commitment fee.

For futher details, please write to If you are ready to sign up as customer, please click the button below to make the payment.

Not ready to commit for annual membership at this time, no problem, please provide us with your one-time project requirement ( RPP / RFQ ) below:

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