General Information

  • https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/h-1b-specialty-occupations
  • https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/immigration/h1b
  • www.murthy.com

Our Process

menschForce typically works with our member consultants worldwide to match their expertise, experience, and skills that are in need by our clients. menschForce members while maintaining their independent membership with menschForce Society, will additionally become an employee of either menschForce LLC or one of the Vendor Companies of menschForce for the Specific Bonafide Job. Kindly remember, the H1B program is a Specialty occupation Program and cannot be used as a replacement for any US job. To qualify for a Specific Bonafide Job, our member consultant should attend Interviews, and qualify for it before even we process their H1B. Just being a member consultant does not guarantee to be qualified for an h1b lottery or eventually process the petition. There are multiple agencies involved in the Process like the Department of Labor, USCIS, and the Department of State each following their own process/regulation/guidelines in the Due course. So, nothing is guaranteed in the H1B Program except for the bonafide Job from the Employer. We do not encourage anyone to become a member in lieu of h1b. MenschForce membership in Society is the gateway to the Larger benefits that are offered to you as an Independent Consultant to work remotely or travel globally through legal migration visas. To qualify for a Project or to earn your compensation as a worker, menschForce typically does not force you to migrate. Our compensation is uniform and global regardless of where you work. So, it’s only the need of the Client and the nature of the job that might force you to get into the H1B program(or other programs from other countries worldwide).

Please spend enough time exploring the program from above mentioned general resources. Avoid unverified sources or inauthentic sources from the internet. Our Partner team is ready to help you with your queries. Write to contact_partners@menschforce.com if you are not assigned a Partner yet. or write to membership-committee@menschforce.com. One or more Partners will reach you and you may choose to work with one of them.

The following steps will help you understand the entire process.

Step 1: Sign up for one of the menschhForce Memberships. To avoid the crowd and necessary filings,  we only make the lottery open for our Silver members. If you are already a member and have gone through our discovery call and done projects remotely, our HR Committee knows about your skills, expertise, and experience before matching with the client’s requirements. IF you are a new member, please schedule a discovery call with one of our Partners, immediately. We do not apply for H1B just because you are a member. H1B program is designed for a Specific Speciality Employment for a specific client and for a Specific Job Location. So, kindly get involved in the discovery and project matching exercise with our delivery partner/hr-committee.  This will enable us to file for your H1B Lottery through one of our Vendor Companies.

Step 2: Regardless of the outcome of the lottery(whether you are selected or not selected), you shall also start bidding on Micro Jobs and Mini Projects from offshore. ( learn more about membership benefits at https://www.menschforce.com/consultant-membership/ ) and start generating revenue. If you do not want to continue the membership, you shall cancel anytime and you will not be charged any more monthly fees(no refund for the ones already paid).

Step 3: If you are selected in the lottery, you will go through the H1B process with one of our vendor companies which will become your employer in the future(remember, the H1B program is only for employee status). The benefit related to the membership will continue regardless of your h1b – Micro Jobs, Mini Projects, and Large Projects bidding and Delivering Remotely while your H1B is applied and Processed for your US non-immigration h1b visa as a nomad consultant.

Step 4: You will provide all additional information and documents and signed employment agreements to the menschForce HR Team for considering Type – Engagement either in your local country or a specific region or a country around the world depending on the need and situation.

Step 5:  The menschForce Legal team will assist the vendor company to submit your complete final application to the authorities( for example USCIS in the USA for H1B) and the process will continue for a few months.

Step 6: Meanwhile, you shall continue to work on remote micro jobs and mini Projects as a nomad denizen consultant.

Step 7: You will also be enrolled in various FREE training programs organized by menschForce to prepare for Type B engagements as mini Projects or large projects.

Step 8: The menschForce Innovation Team will be in touch base with you to harvest ideas and get involved in the Type -C(Start Blitz) program. Type C and Type B can be a choice one makes as per their own judgment they can also be parallel.

Step 9: After a few months(usually between 4-6 months for USCIS) the respective immigration authorities will send the work permit approval Notice(for example I-797 C for the US H1B ) to the Vendor Company(or denial Notice). The vendor Company will send the complete documents together with the approval notice to you through Courier(or a copy of the letter of denial).

Step 10: You will attend an interview with the local consulate with the approval notice and other documents, and get the work VISA (H1B for the USA) stamped.

Step 11:  Upon successful US h1b stamping,  you shall enter the USA  on or after October 1, 2023. You shall travel to the company’s headquarters or directly to the client’s location. In both cases, you will stay at the company-arranged accommodation and report to the Corporate office to complete the onboarding process or remotely from the client’s city.

Step 11: Start working with menschForce on Type-A engagement through the Vendor as a Supplier, and full-time as an employee of the vendor company while continuing to engage in Type B and Type C as an independent consultant.

Step 12: In case of denial of h1b, you still will be provided with alternate opportunities for International travel under any nomad membership. You will enter the Specific region or country with a valid visa. We shall also apply for your h1b in the subsequent year.

Step 13: Any time you want to relocate from the US to another global location, as an international nomad member, you will be transferred to such a location and start with the local client engagement or type-B project.

Step 14: In 2024, menschForce Professional members will be invited to participate in the digital Assets Trading platform(Type – D). MenschForce members shall trade not only their existing digital Asset shares(allocated when they signed up for the membership) but also buy and sell more assets within the closed Private Digital Asset trading system. Additionally, the members will be trained to create their own derivative digital Assets(karma Capsules) and trade them as well.

Seminar on Challenges of Migration as an Entrepreneur/Consultant

In this Seminar Speaker Maya Kannan Unleashes the Secrets of managing Global Migration as an Entrepreneur or Self Employed Individual

In this meeting, the Speaker, Maya Kannan, A Futuristic Entrepreneur, and Deep-Tech GeoEconomic Strategist will talk about Success Formulas for Global Business Migration.

The Speaker, Maya Kannan, A Futuristic Entrepreneur, and a StartUp Investor/promoter will talk about Success strategies for immigration for Self Employed / Entrepreneurs who otherwise find it difficult and in some cases impossible to achieve their business goals due to the complexities around it. De-Globalization added fuel to this in recent years as nations started creating vertical walls around themselves.

The outlook on Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs are changing around the world as more nations look inwards. So, traditional easy-go migration is not going to work in most cases. Just showing talent or even capital is not good enough. The nations are looking for Entrepreneurs and employees who can help in larger economic impact and transformation by generating Intrinsic value from which the nation and its stakeholders shall benefit.

This seminar will be a good eye-opener and a path-finder for those who are looking for taking their Business, personal skills, and expertise to a country or an economic region without having to deal with the nightmare of Complex Immigration Processes. Being a Venture Promoter and an Investor practicing on DeepTech Geo-economics, Maya Kannan finds the hidden barrier to global business success, especially the StartUp development is the migration of Entrepreneurs and Key team members. With this seminar and subsequent engagements, he shall help the entrepreneurs and Self-Employed to create a Value-Based Case for their business and self-migration that not only satisfies the need of the immigration programs but also guarantees the actual business practice success beyond immigration.


1. Go where you are welcome the most! Do not compromise!!

2. Challenges of Global Business Migration in the De-Globalized Vertical World and how to overcome them.

3. How Start-Up Entrepreneurs or Self-Employed Consultant can kickstart their small business or consulting practice in a different country/market as a Nomad.

4. How you can overcome the barriers of your own migration as a Self-Employed Consultant / Entrepreneur.

5. Challenges of Generating revenue and Raising Capital for a Migrated Business and the Tips to use it as a Success Strategy.

6. Discussion Forum & Q/As.

Would you rather want to talk to someone? Please write to contact_partners@menschforce.com or membership-committee@menschforce.com. You will hear back from one of our Independent Partners.