Job Detail

Acquisition for Network Asset Digitisation for an Australian Client

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelLarge Projects

Project detail

will soon seek expressions of interest from companies with approaches and solutions to delivering the initial spatial data and image acquisition and processing components of Stage 1 of its Network Asset Digitisation Program.

The contractor will be required to patrol the specified distribution and transmission network and provide data collection, management and quality assessment services potentially including:
• vehicle based LiDAR data collection;
• vehicle based high definition panoramic and asset targeted photo collection;
• specific site and aerial drone-based LiDAR and imagery acquisition;
• corona, ultrasonic, electric field strength, thermography and imagery acquisition;
• visible and near infrared satellite and ground-based imagery; and
• weather and environmental data.

   The Network Asset Digitisation Program is focused on six fundamental streams to acquire accurate network asset data, integrate various information sources and model into a virtual world accessible to staff and relevant third parties to better inform business decisions and drive efficiencies. These streams are:
1.         data acquisition,
2.         data management,
3.         establish asset digital twin,
4.         analytics and insights,
5.         reporting and
6.         platform development.

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