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agroKarma – RFIP Number : AKMF-001-BOT & AKMF-001-SOW

  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months
  • Project LevelLarge Projects
  • Project deadlineAugust 28, 2025

Project detail

Request for Information & Proposal:

Contract Vehicle for Build Operate Transfer and SOW of

digital Trading Platform & Technology Solutions Development


RFIP Number : AKMF-001-BOT  & AKMF-001-SOW

agroKarma – RFIP Number : AKMF-001-BOT & AKMF-001-SOW



AgroKarma Limited Liability Series Company is requesting information & Proposal from interested parties for the supply of IoT Engineering, Information Technology, Business Process, and Analytics support. This RFI/RFP is intended to gather information and a Proposal that will assist AgroKarma in offering a BOT(Build, Operate, Transfer m development of a future procurement process for building and AgroKarma may but is not obligated to, initiate a competitive bidding opportunity. This is a global engagement offered as a “Contract Vehicle” that will be signed between “Master Vendor” and AgroKarma for supporting agroKarma’s business model through Managed Services, Technology Solutions, and Business Process Outsourcing style of engagements. This is a multi-year project with a combination of Build-Operate-Transfer Components and SOW style Work orders to be issued from time to time from various stakeholder departments from within agroKarma to “Managed Services Provider”. agroKarma had retained menschForce LLC, Burnaby Canada as the MSP – Managed Service Provider to execute and manage this Procurement Program. menschForce shall also be retained to manage the vendors across all the regions for SOW, BOT, and other engagements for Processing the Invoices, Settlements, Issuing subsequent SOW, etc.


Agrokarma is a Decentralized seed-to-store trading platform that revolutionizes the agro trade by tokenizing agro-outputs as digital assets to make them easily tradable in Parts and Multiple Packages. Agrokarma enforces systemic liberty in agro trade through individual, voluntary Participation, and collective gain. To focus on its core business, Agrokarma had decided to outsource its information technology solutions building around the planned digital platform powered by “karmaCapsuleNetwork” a unique breed of Ai- Blockchain network. The Objective of the Program is to build a sustainable technology that is transformational to support our expansive client base worldwide. The translational nature of agroKarma should be kept in mind in providing the technology framework and design. To fit into our goals for the next five years, we have decided to make a two-tier vendor engagement. One tier is on the BOT – Build Operate Transfer model and the second tier is SOW – Statement of Work. 

  1. BOT Vehicle – Most of the digital Trading Platforms shall be offered as a BOT engagement for FIVE(YEARS). The vendor shall have to meet all the expenses of building the digital Platform as per the Specifications, legal terms, business architecture, Strategic frameworks set forth by agroKarma. The awardee for this engagement shall be only a consortium of SEVEN (7) Vendors globally each one will be representing the individual agroKarma economic Zones(AEZ).

Vendor 1: North America

Vendor 2: South America, Central America & Caribbean

Vendor 3: Western Europe(Including UK & Ireland), Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Vendor 4: North Africa & Middle-East

Vendor 5: Africa

Vendor 6: South East Asia

Vendor 7: Oceana

  1. SOW Vehicle – Additional Projects, Components development, Research Assistance, Field level Engineering Solutions, Managed Services, Third-Party System Integration, Client specific custom solution development, etc., shall be offered as SOW contracts. SOW Master contract Vehicle shall be awarded to a total (not a consortium) of 50 Companies across all the Seven agroKarma economic Zones(AEZ) with a maximum of 10 companies per AEZ. This SOW is not a guaranteed business for a specific vendor. This SOW Vehicle is a guaranteed Procurement for agroKarma for which these 50 companies should compete for every Work Order Released with specific requirements, terms, budget, etc., These work orders shall be issued in the form of individual RFPs.

Overall Purpose:

The purpose of issuing this RFIP is to :

  1. Determine the level of interest in the Model of engagement.
  2. Determine high-level Cost / Price Models for budget purposes.
  3. obtain information and proposals on potential new technologies or approaches other than those set forth on this document.
  4. obtain recommendations that would enhance the success of a future procurement opportunity for this project;
  5. provide the industry with an opportunity to comment on the potential procurement opportunity.
  6. Finalize the Vendors to Support all the AEZs.

Overall High-Level Requirements:

  1. Build digital Trading Platform to support agroKarma World-Wide around the KarmaCapsuleNetwork.
  2. Build IoT capabilities, Edge Computing Layers like Drones Integration, Micro Bots management, Field Engineering measurement sensors, not, etc.
  3. Support Ai Capabilities building including Micro Ai, microBOTS, etc.
  4. Build Robotic Process Automation to support robust internal and external business processes.
  5. Create and Manage Enterprise Architecture Planning and Implementation.
  6. Support AgroKarma Innovation Centers(both Rural and Urban) with equipment, technicians, researchers, methodologies, frameworks, etc.
  7. Provide IT strategy support, Infrastructure planning, and Implementation Support, Risk Management, Disaster management, etc.
  8. Provide Systems Integration Solutions.
  9. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions Support.
  10. Blockchain and Smart Contract solutions development support.

Interested parties are invited to respond to this RFIP by submitting a response to AgroKarma. Responses should include ideas, information, and recommendations that could result in a clarification of the requirements, cost-saving opportunities, and the identification of potential problem areas with this initiative. Respondents are requested to provide a concise and focused response to this RFIP. Responses are requested in the following format:

  1. a) Detailed company profile;
  2. b) Names of key contact persons, including telephone number, fax number, and email 
  3. c) Information, advice, and recommendations organized as requested in this RFIP;
  4. d) Detailed Response to the High-Level Requirements. 
  5. e) Cost of Labor: Your Labor Cost (hourly) for each one of the resource categories that you propose to employ for the Project.
  6. d) Identification and discussion of key factors that the respondent recommends the AgroKarma consider when establishing its future business requirements; and,
  7. e) other required information specific to the nature of this RFIP and deemed important.

Respondents are specifically requested not to submit price proposals (other than high-level cost estimates for budget purposes) or information about the qualifications or experience of their firm or individuals in their firm. This RFIP may not be used to evaluate, rank, or select vendors, nor will it be used to pre-qualify or screen vendors for a subsequent competitive bidding process. When subsequent competitive bidding opportunities are issued, the Agro-Karma is under no obligation to advise any vendor responding to this RFIP. 

Respondents are specifically requested not to submit price proposals (other than high-level cost estimates for budget purposes) or information about the qualifications or experience of their firm or individuals in their firm. This RFI will not be used to evaluate, rank, or select vendors, nor will it be used to pre-qualify or screen vendors for a subsequent competitive bidding process. If subsequent competitive bidding opportunities are issued, the AgroKarma is under no obligation to advise any vendor responding to this RFI. Vendors are advised to monitor the MSP provider’s Bid site website for any such opportunities, which will be open to all vendors regardless of whether a response to this RFI has been submitted.

All responses to this RFIP become the property of the AgroKarma and will be held in confidence, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Respondents to this RFIP consent to the AgroKarma incorporating any submitted ideas, concepts, approaches, or strategies into any planning, design, procurement, or contractual activities related to any aspect of the project without any obligation, liability, or consideration on the part of the AgroKarma. The AgroKarma will not be responsible for any costs incurred by any vendor in responding to this RFIP.

Responses should be delivered electronically (ONLY) to our MSP(Managed Services Provider) Partner menschForce via before 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Sep 30, 2021, and should quote RFIP Number. The same vendor shall bid for both SOW and BOT Vehicles. One complete electronic response should be submitted by menschForce Marketplace Procedure for e‑bidding and be received before the date and time stated above. Only registered e-bidders at can submit responses on                                    

 For additional Information and Queries, pls Contact agroKarma Procurement Program Team at

There shall be an Online Bidders meeting to be conducted on Sep-15, 2021 at 10:30 AM Pacific Time, based on the queries, Faqs. All Participants who showed Initial Interest to participants (PLS SIGN UP THROUGH BELOW FOR) will be called for the meeting. 

agroKarma - "Interest to Bid"
This form is for the agroKarma BOT/SOW bidders to show initial Interest. This will help in the companies to receive communications, Documents an meeting invitations.

***TO SHOW INTEREST TO BID, PLEASE FILL THE Following FORM: Only those who submitted the form will be part of the communication, document sharing, and meeting requests.


MSP Program Manager: Rizwan Islam; 

MSP Technical Consultants: Appaji Adabala & SanjayKumar Gandhi

MSP Quality Assurance Consultants: Ramu Bygani & Aamir Khan


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