Job Detail

Design and Production of School Yearbook 2021 (for Compassvale Primary School)- Singapore

  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level

Project detail

Requirement Specifications

ITQ Description

Conceptualisation, Design, Production and Delivery of 2021 Yearbook (the “Yearbook”) for Compassvale Primary School

Overview of School


Thinkers. Leaders. Champions.


To nurture compassionate leaders excelling in service of the community and Singapore.

Core Values

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care & Harmony

Design Guidelines




The yearbook committee would like to showcase the learning experiences of both the teachers and students in riding out the recovery period. Through the use of photographs and stories, we would like to highlight the journey in which the school gradually resumes the various level activities and school events in preparation for the long journey ahead as a Compassvale family.

A scrapbooking design approach would be adopted to enable students to customise and personalise their individual yearbook. The school looks forward to having creative yet functional design features to enhance the overall appeal and utility of the yearbook.

Corporate Colour

Blue, Cottage Red, White and Gold


An annual publication to document the events in the year and to use photographs and stories to showcase our Compassvalites’ journey in what may be a continued battle against the pandemic, yet an invaluable experience in which we grow as a school in overcoming adversities and renewing the joy of learning.

Target Audience

Students, Stakeholders and Members of Public

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