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Distributed Energy Resources(DER) Study – Consulting Services

  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months
  • Project LevelLarge Projects
  • Project deadlineExpired

Project detail

This Request for Proposals (“RFP“) is an invitation by the Independent Electricity System Operator (the “IESO”) to prospective Proponents to submit proposals for the provision of the services and deliverables described in Appendix C of this RFP (the “Services“), during the period of time described in Appendix C of this RFP.

The IESO works at the heart of the Province of Ontario’s power system – ensuring there is enough power to meet the province’s energy needs in real time while also planning and securing energy for the future. It does this by:

 balancing the supply of and demand for electricity in Ontario and directing its flow across the province’s transmission lines;

 planning for the province’s short term, medium-term and long term energy needs and securing clean sources of supply to meet those needs;

 overseeing the electricity wholesale market where the market price of electricity is set; and

 engaging in activities that promote electricity conservation and the efficient use of electricity.

Proponents should be aware that the IESO has both unionized and non-unionized employees. There are two unions within the IESO, namely, the Power Workers’ Union and the Society of United Professionals.

The IESO will conduct the evaluation of Proposals in the following four (4) stages:

2.1 Stage I – Compliance with Submission Criteria

Stage I of the evaluation process will consist of a review of each Proposal to determine if it (i) complies with the submission instructions set out in Part 4 of this RFP; and (ii) is not otherwise disqualified in accordance with the terms of this RFP. Proponents that fail to comply with either the submission instructions or other mandatory requirements will be disqualified from further review.

2.2 Stage II – General Criteria

Stage II of the evaluation process will consist of (i) reviewing the Proposals to determine whether the Mandatory Technical Requirements have been met; and (ii) evaluating Proposals based on the non-pricing criteria set out in Appendix C. Proponents that fail to met the Mandatory Technical Requirements will be disqualified from further review. If a minimum threshold score is specified for Stage II of the evaluation process, Proponents will be required to achieve a Stage II score that is greater than or equal to that minimum threshold in order to progress to Stage III of the evaluation process. Proponents that do not meet the Stage II minimum threshold score will be disqualified from further review unless stated otherwise in Appendix C.

2.3 Stage III – Short List and Further Evaluation

The IESO may, in its discretion, short list one or more Proponents for further evaluation, including by way of interview, presentation, demonstration, or request for references.

2.4 Stage IV – Evaluation of Pricing

Stage IV of the evaluation process will consist of evaluating pricing based on the criteria set out in Appendix C. At the conclusion of Stage IV, a Preferred Proponent or Preferred Proponents will, subject to the express and implied rights of the IESO, be selected.

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