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Software and Consulting Services – British Columbia Housing Management Commission

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelLarge Projects

Project detail

This Request for Proposals (“the RFP”) issued by the British Columbia Housing Management Commission (“BC Housing”) is an invitation to consultants with relevant experience, knowledge and skills to submit non-binding offers for a job classification system software and related consulting services, as further described in Appendix A of this RFP. The proponent selected pursuant to this RFP process (the “Selected Proponent”) will be informed in writing. Proponents not selected will also be informed in writing.

BC Housing will conduct research of suitable job classification system options. BC Housing will present the proposed job classification system to the BCGEU Classification Representative for consideration. The BCGEU Classification Team will have 60 days to respond to the proposed job classification system. If the BCGEU Classification Team agrees to the proposed job classification system, BC Housing and BCGEU will draft a joint communication to advise employees of the new job classification system and related information. BC Housing’s Compensation Team in Human Resources will commence with the implementation of the job classification system with the assistance of the selected vendor.

the same terms and conditions agreed for up to two [2] additional one [1] year] terms], at the sole discretion of BC Housing.

Methodology and Approach/Consultant’s Scope of Work
The consultants will be responsible for the following:
Advising on the best practices for compensation/classification procedures
Analyzing BC Housing’s current compensation/classification programs and recommending solutions
Developing, revising, and supporting the implementation of compensation/classification procedures in line with introduction of compensation/classification software system
Ensuring compensation/classification programs and services are in compliance with established policies and procedures and provincial government Public Sector Employers’ Council Secretariat (PSEC) direction
Preparing reports related to specific compensation/classification project
Assisting with the development and coordination of recommended workflow changes
Developing methods for compiling and analyzing data for compensation/classification report
Creating and providing training sessions for compensation/classification software system

A report based on their analysis of the current state of:
Compensation philosophy,
Job descriptions,
salary structure, and
internal value of existing positions and market pricing/data information.
A report outlining overall recommendations and improvements to our current compensation programs and services.
A successful implementation of a compensation/classification software system
Development of salary ranges and pay structure in line with software system while ensuring that salary ranges reflect compensation best practices and PSEC compensation guidelines.

Project Timeframe
BC Housing’s anticipated project timelines are provided below, but the Proponents should ensure that their work plans include timelines that are realistic and achievable (given the scope of works’ regulatory nature) and that the Project Team members (including subcontractors) are available for relevant key dates.

Location of Work
This will be a mix of virtual and in-person (if possible) at the BCH Home Office location. For the time being, it will be conducted virtually via MS Teams or Zoom.

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