Most businesses, at some time or another, need a few more hands on deck. And not just any hands, but people who are skilled, trained and certified for the job you need them to do. Hiring these people in the traditional way can be a time- consuming and drawn-out process involving job advertisements, interviews, referencing, onboarding and endless paperwork. This is unhelpful if your business has mission-critical deadlines to fulfill. For some companies, and IT companies, in particular, staff augmentation could be the secret weapon when you need rapid access to skills or headcount. Staff augmentation is as straightforward as using temporary workers or contractors to fill short-term positions within your company, usually through an agency that keeps a database of such workers. For example, suppose you have a special project that requires another three hands on deck, but the project will only last for six months. You could take on permanent employees but there will be no work for them to do when the project is over, and firing them could get messy. An obvious solution is to bring in trained and qualified workers who can hit the ground running and blend into your team. menschForce consultants are true SMEs who come with the guaranteed results through the experience, expertise, and skills.menschForce consultants go through extensive professional training and certification processes that make them the top class consultants out there in the market.

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