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Get Rejuvenated in 2022, Travel and Work around the world!!

As a Nomad member, you get an opportunity to Work choosing your LifeStyle.

Life of a menschForce Nomad Consultant!

menschForce Nomad consultants understand that the world is filled with opportunities to Work and Enjoy Lifestyles without having to compromise the liberty and freedom of choosing how, when, where, etc. They choose to go anywhere in the world they want, choose the type of skillset they wanted to build around them, choose to work for a specific job, choose to travel to any spot that excites them, share fantastic time with those who they care and love much., etc without having to compromise or work hard, because menschForce is there to manage all of these things for them.

Why menschForce for Global Work-LifeStyle

MenschForce is a consortium of consultants and clients.  We accommodate clients of any size and value, globally. MenschForce Consultants are here to support your project of any size. Our consultants have a wide spectrum of skills, experience, and technical expertise. Our membership is designed around Moving the members as digital Nomads from Project to Project from country to country as and when the opportunity, Your Wish, Situation presents itself. Our team will design & re-design your LifeStyle every Six months to one year.

Prerequisites for Nomad membership

  • Have completed at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of the specialty occupation from an accredited university.
  • Hold a foreign degree which is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of the specialty occupation.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant field of academic studies.
  • Enough proof of Work Delivery in the area of Practice through Portfolio.
  • Some country Visa/permits might demand specific qualifications for the intended type of work and migration category

Annual Denizen Bronze Membership SALE!!

(Plus One-Time Set Up Fee of $99)


Two Special Bonus!!

  • 1000 MFKC Giveaway ( menschForce digital Assets)

  • 3 months Free Trial for Nomad Bronze Membership.

The offer ends on February 28, 2022

Additional Benefits!! 

  • Free Training on Project Bidding, RFE, Microservices Creation.
  • Start Generating Revenue from International clients through Micro Jobs, Mini Projects, and Large Projects.
  • Training and Guidance on Creating Intellectual Properties and Trade them for License Fee and Royalty.
  • Opportunity to generate Passive Income through digital Assets Trading.
  • Opportunities to generate High Cash Worth flash revenue through MFGenius and Tech Challenges.
  • Free information / Counselling on USA-based non-immigration and immigration programs.
  • Free Possible Entry(there should be matching bonafide Jobs from menschforce/client engagements) to Lottery FY 2022 H-1B cap has been allocated between 1st March and March 18, 2022 (till noon). Pls, Remember you don’t have to be a member of the menschForce Society to enter into US H1B Employment. US H1B will be filed by menschForce LLC as an employer or one of the Incubated Vendor companies. The membership improves the possibility of Bonafide employment.
  • Free Counselling and Preparation for Canadian Temporary Work/PR-related work.
  • Free Counselling and Preparation for Caribbean Temporary Work/PR-related work, Residency, Permanent Residency, Investment Based Citizenship, etc.
  • Free Counselling and Preparation for European Temporary Work/Temporary Residency/ Freelance- digital Nomad Visas and how you can qualify for those gigs being Part of menschForce.
  • Free Counselling and Preparation for Asia Temporary Work/Temporary Residency/ Freelance- digital Nomad Visas and how you can qualify for those gigs being Part of menschForce. Multiple countries in Asia are covered like India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Thailand Etc.
  • Free Counselling and Preparation for Central and South America Temporary Work/Temporary Residency/ Freelance- digital Nomad Visas and how you can qualify for those gigs being Part of menschForce. Multiple countries in covered like Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Etc.

Menschforce team has many years of experience in handling Work, LifeStyle, Technology, Travel, and Processing.

Ready to Enjoy the Nomad Life Style of Travel , Work and Wealth Building ?

Some of the reasons why MenschForce is the right partner for you are:

  • It’s an organization that believes in cultivating an understanding of building long-term relationships.
  • MenschForce consultants are specially trained and experienced subject matter experts on various technologies who excel on the project outcomes; not just the time.
  • Menschforce is always ready with the latest technologies and makes sure its workforce is no lesser equipped as well.
  • Menschforce values time, commitment, hard work, and trust at the top level.
  • menschForce is not just a Worksite company but also a LifeStyle Design and Management Company that finds the Work that fits in your Desired Life Style. We keep you in the right Legal, Work, Wealth, Earning, LifeStyle, and Travel Framework while you enjoy LifeStyle.

US Graduate Student Special Offer!!

Message from a Delivery Partner

Dear Prospective Member,


 I am Manoj, one of the Independent Business Partners of menschForce Society of Consultants. I am excited to be part of this wonderful Society that provides a life-changing experience for consultants like you who otherwise might be having a dull career with tail chasing rat race you were been forced to participate in by the Corporate world. Like you, I looked for a Debt-Free, life of financial freedom and excellence. After so much of hit and miss in my life, I had found my beautiful spot, menschForce. menschForce not only provided me with the financial freedom that looked for but also an uncompromising lifestyle that I always wanted to have, sometimes as a Denizen and sometimes as a Nomad. Now my media-based consultant life under menschforce is in autopilot mode generating passive revenue with exponential growth.

I choose my media career as I loved to be part of creative people’s lives and contribute to their work output. I enjoy mentoring, guiding, and sharing my thoughts with people. So when menschForce offered me the opportunity to be an independent Partner to help others to enjoy the same fruits that I enjoy. Whether you are from the Technology field, Creative field, or administrative/support field, I am here to help you kickstart your Independent career at menschForce. I cannot promise to make a Millionaire in a very short time, which is a Con-Game of getting rich quicker short-cut. It’s not only me but menschForce Society a large is not driven by short-cuts. It’s all about the gradual growth of your career in minute steps. I promise to help you in the Journey as a guide, a mentor, a mentor, and a Confidant with a strong commitment. All I expect in return is your Patience, Sincerely, Dedication, and Commitment to the menschForce membership programs. As long as you contribute your time and focus on the program actions plans, I guarantee you not only gradual growth but eventually an exponential, explosive growth to not only retire as a Multi-Millionaire but also to enjoy the Journey of Success from Now itself with Balanced LifeStyle.

Looking forward to having you onboard. You shall reach me at or WhatsApp – +1 (571) 210-1005 or Schedule a Call using my Calendar(below).

Schedule a Call.

Sincerely Yours,

Manoj K.

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