About US

menschForce is a platform powered by AI for private investment and trading of human capital output. It is based on the philosophy and principles of systemic liberty and free trade, and is designed as a decentralized society of independent workers who contribute to global projects across various industries such as infrastructure, IT, healthcare, supply chain, retail, food, mining, minerals, and life sciences. The core building units of menschForce are its members, who can be independent workers, investors, and traders. Members bid on and work on projects owned by project owners, while investors invest in projects for a return on investment (ROI) and traders trade the assets resulting from these project engagements. While helping buyers and sellers of services and products achieve their goals, menschForce also prioritizes the protection of investors’ investments. To safeguard the interests of digital asset holders, menschForce Foundation, a non-profit organization based in West Virginia, USA, has been established. All digital asset holders within the menschForce system automatically become members of this organization with one voting right per coin they hold. Holding the MFKC Digital Asset grants traders (buyers/sellers) automatic voting rights per Asset. In addition to the USA, menschForce shall establish sub-chapters or independent foundations in every country or region worldwide to protect the interests of digital asset holders/members under the same operating rules and principles.

MFKC digital Asset represents and acts as the bloodline for the trading of services and products in the menschforce platform. Investors of MFKC are funding the menschForce Platform for the trade. The funds are utilized for the development, management and expansion of the trading platform and its features worldwide. Since the MFKC carries intrinsic value from the trade, the worth of every digital Asset is determined by the tradable elements and the profitability from the trade. The buyers and sellers of the trading system pay commissions and fees for using the trade as well. So, the MFKC both represent the cash value(earnings) and trade worth(assets) of the menschForce Platform. 


To protect the interest of the Trading members, we have created the menschForce members Association, a West Virginia non-profit organization in the USA. All the traders of the menschForce system will automatically become a member of this organization with “1” voting right per member. In addition to the USA, the menschForce members Association shall establish either a sub-chapter or an Independent foundation in every country(or region) around the world to protect the interest of the members of that country/region but under the same Operating Rules/ Principles.

digital equity Asset Structure

MFKC digital Asset represents and acts as the bloodline for the trading of services and products in the menschforce platform

Any Accredited Investor (by securities & commodities regulators of the country) who are high-networth individuals , business entities, investment firms, banks etc) around the world can buy the DMA pre-ICO or Post ICO. As far as retail Investor( low net-worth individuals) is concerned, they can buy the asset as long as the law permits within the existing series or commodities laws). As far as Retail investor(individual) is concerned, they can buy as long as their country’s Laws permits them to buy digital Assets within the existing Securities or Commodities Laws”.

For US investors, menschForce digital Asset is exempted from filing with SEC under rule 504 and 506©.

  • Only Accredited Investor can buy MFKC
  • Only restricted MFKC(restricted security as per US SEC) can be bought. Restricted MFKC cannot be resold for 6-12 months unless legend is removed.
  • Only upto $5,000,000 will be bought by any US investor in the 12 months period.
  • An Individual Investor should prove that they are high networth accredited Investor as per the SEC guidelines. There will be an extensive review of the documents.
  • 20% Distributed to Community for FREE!

  • 25% Reserved for ICO

  • 25% For Founders and Original Contributor

  • 20% PRe-ICO Investors

  • 2% for Advisors

  • 3% for "Bounty Campaign"

  • 5% for Team