Business Structure

menschForce is a Private, Autonomous, Decentralized Society that runs by its own constitution, Framework and By-Laws governed and administered through the Principles of Liberty, dignity, Market & Economic Freedom.

The Society functions as a Transnational Association of People with localized focus of Projects and Programs.

Our Core Principles:

  • Systemic Liberty
  • Free Market Trade
  • Voluntary Participation
  • Individual Liberty and dignity
  • Freedom of Knowledge
  • Right to Intellectual Property
  • Freedom of Communication
  • Freedom of outcomes and Virtue of Production
  • Freedom of Supply
  • Economic Due Process
  • Decentralized Systems
  • Spontaneous Order
  • Social Security
  • Cooperativeness
  • Division of Labor

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MFKC digital Asset Structure

MFKC digital Asset represents and acts as the bloodline for the trading of services and products in the menschforce platform

Any Accredited Investor (by securities & commodities regulators of the country) who are high-networth individuals , business entities, investment firms, banks etc) around the world can buy the MFKC pre-ICO or Post ICO. As far as retail Investor( low net-worth individuals) is concerned, they can buy the asset as long as the law permits within the existing series or commodities laws). As far as Retail investor(individual) is concerned, they can buy as long as their country’s Laws permits them to buy digital Assets within the existing Securities or Commodities Laws”.

For US investors, menschForce digital Asset is exempted from filing with SEC under rule 504 and 506©.

  • Only Accredited Investor can buy MFKC
  • Only restricted MFC(restricted security as per US SEC) can be bought. Restricted MFC cannot be resold for 6-12 months unless legend is removed.
  • Only upto $5,000,000 will be bought by any US investor in the 12 months period.
  • An Individual Investor should prove that they are high networth accredited Investor as per the SEC guidelines. There will be an extensive review of the documents.
  • 20% Distributed to Community for FREE!

  • 25% Reserved for ICO

  • 25% For Founders and Original Contributor

  • 20% PRe-ICO Investors

  • 2% for Advisors

  • 3% for "Bounty Campaign"

  • 5% for Team