Incubated Vendor Membership

The main driving philosophy of MENSCHFORCE is to create a level playing, productivity-based, autonomous, and broker-less platform for every human to capitalize and benefit directly on their work efforts.

  • MenschForce is a decentralized crowdsourcing Marketplace for a contingent workforce.
  • It is a crowdsourcing platform enabled by smart contracts, automation, and distributed ledger.
  • MenschForce is an easy to use system which helps organizations to process and monitor routine staffing and recruitment processes.
  • MenschForce reduces your complexities related to dealing with processes of hiring, Finance, and Legal Compliance Management.

Who is an Incubated Vendor?

An Incubated vendor is a small scale IT consulting firm having 1 – 20 billable/bench consultants normally.

Services Offering

  • Captive center for your candidates.
  • Work experience and training through internship programs.
  • E-Immigration helper to provide information about work-visa related matters.
  • Portal posting opportunities for onsite billable gigs and remote (offsite & offshore) projects.
  • Free recruitment and hotlist cognitive-marketing automation tools.
  • Facilitate Business insurance.
  • Access to Business productivity management tools.
  • Help with the US minority business opportunities (State, Federal and private clients).

Captive Centers for your candidates

  • HR Business process Automation as per your company’s architecture/model.
  • Live HR Support (shared HR executive to handle your consultants/employees calls) — US Based
  • Accounts and finance process management as per your organizational models/business architecture
  • LiveFNA Support (Shared FNA executive to handle your accounts, finance, payroll issues) – US Based
  • Legal business process/compliance management outsourcing for DOL, USCIS & DOS as per your company’s architecture, policy, and size.
  • Payroll Processing & Support (all 50 states) (tax forms are not included at this time)

E-Immigration Helper

  • Corporate Legal Compliance
  • Contract Control & compliance
  • Department of Labor’s Process Compliance
  • DOS Process Compliance
  • USCIS Regulations Compliance

Why menschForce?

As incubators, two primary things MenschForce clearly promise – continuous support in establishing organizational Processes and Business Growth.  Another great thing about MenchForce incubation is that it lets the start-up companies examine their idea’s growth potential and weigh the opportunity while supporting them in getting to a stage of funding.  The main goal of MenschForce is to increase and improve the chances of finding success in launching the business.

Coming up with a brilliant idea is one part, shaping and marketing it effectively is the other.  MenschForce provides numerous fantastic support services to emerging companies, such as building development and management teams, creating business, development, and marketing plans, strategies for fundraising, and more.     

MenschForce is a typical incubator for tiny consulting firms until they outgrow by the number of consultants & clients and self manage their business. The incubation shall;

  • Mitigate the risks of managing the workforce.
  • Increase business by tapping into offsite/remote projects.
  • Significantly reduce operating costs
  • Increase profit margin.
  • Talent development with cutting edge tools/technology/business training and on the project experience.
  • Create a back-office for HR, Recruitment, Finance, Marketing, and more without an upfront investment cost.
  • Help to create a Center of excellence and reaching newer markets including State and Federal Government.
  • Take appropriate measures while dealing with the legal liabilities of temporary workers such as H1B work-visa holders through an automated legal compliance framework.


  • An Internship at MenschForce is given by digiBlitz Labs – a research and development wing of digiBlitz.
  • During the Internship period, we train your consultants for technological excellence, sincerity, dedication, commitment, professionalism, passion for innovation, research, and more
  • The candidates get trained on the use-case based projects in one or two of the 10 streams namely IoT Edge Computing, AI Development, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Neural Networks, DevOps, Java Full Stack, Enterprise Java/Jakarta, Micro Services, Robotic Process Automation, etc.
Incubator Vendor Membership

Help with Business Insurance

Business insurance becomes a roadblock for many tiny consulting firms to qualify for becoming a vendor for many private and government organizations as it incurs a huge cost for many months before generating any revenue.

When it comes to insurance, it’s a very uncertain and time-consuming process. Even after putting much of an effort, most of the insurers find a mistake in the package when the incident takes place. At that point, the insurance becomes ineffective and causes huge financial damages despite having signed up and paid the insurance premium. MenschForce mitigates all these risks by negotiating the best possible insurance and even get the coverage for the incubated vendors as a subsidiary unit at a fractional shared cost.


Enterprise Dashboard

Integrates all your applications and brings centralized manageability.

Maximize productivity

We have third-party application tie-ups to bring seamless connectivity with external applications like QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc.

Systematic Promotions

Assists in promoting your consulting service by making people sign up as your patrons through effective campaigns. It facilitates conducting various events smartly to retain and increase your recruiters and workforce.

Single Sign-On and Cloud

A role-based, one-stop login portal for all the users. The system is 100% web-based with an option of implementing in the private or public cloud. It’s a completely secured environment for your organizational process and applications.


menchFore Earning Model


  • Fully Automated Workflow through our state-of-the-art BPM process.
  • Unlimited Campaigns.
  • Unlimited contacts and free emails (up to 100,000 per month).
  • Multiple Users (Recruiters, account managers, etc)
  • Automated Communications between the stakeholders make the system completely effective in closing the positions quickly.

While it may be easy to get a minority certification, the real challenge comes up only after you realize that you are one among the 100,000+ certified organizations competing for a 10-15% reservation in the private and public sectors.

MenschForce shall incubate your company and prepare it for the business readiness beyond just certification. MenschForce shall help you with shaping the business, transform the company to adapt to the needs of the clients, provide every tool, Center of Excellence, and training necessary to bid and win state, federal and private contracts under the minority program.

Menschforce helps in

  • Minority Certification.
  • Business strategy through COE development.
  • Technology enablement.
  • Team/HR engine to create a team for bidding, winning the projects.
  • Preparing and submitting RFP, RFQ, bidding, etc.
  • Putting partnership, Subtract-main contract vehicles, relationships, etc

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