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MenschForce is a membership-oriented platform based on the cooperative society consortium model running on Blockchain-technology proprietary innovation - Karma Capsule Network (KCN), principally developed to generate money-making opportunities to benefit the members of its Association. For Consultants to generate revenue, the platform offers a marketplace for getting engaged via four possible statutes in the Quadrants of Work Engagement (QWE) described below. As a lifetime member, the consultant has the full privileges and rights to generate revenue from one or all four Quadrants of Work Engagements (QWE) simultaneously. Keeping one QOE fully active, the rest could generate revenue in residual or autopilot mode income.

Multiple Channels of Income

menschForce is designed to bring in multiple revenues to the members through various Parallel Income channels.

Quadrants of Work Engagements (Type A-to-D):

Type A - A typical employer-employee engagement (similar to W2 obligation in The USA) where the consultant puts (Sells) time on a project with a company either onsite or remote under the purview of the tax component of the corresponding region/country.

Type B – For a consultant, this Quadrant of Engagement wraps-in two key parameters - Time and Material - of earning model with MenschForce. The industry term for this kind of work engagement is T&M Model. For MenschForce, contextually, it states that the consultants shall engage in some projects within its trading ecosystem and earn as per their time and material sold. The local tax component of the region/country applies for such type of revenues which in the US is widely known as an independent consultant in 1099.

Type C – This Quadrant of Engagement of this type is to create opportunities for the consultants to give shape to their ideas and concepts, turn those into inventions, and eventually, develop those into tangible/intangible products & solutions that could be sold on the MenschForce Marketplace.

Type D – This Quadrant of Engagement belongs to the businessmen and traders who are interested in earning big money than what they normally make from a regular source working as either being self-employed or employee to someone. Type D gives this interest a practical shape by powering the consultants to take a role of a trader and confers them privileges to invest in trading the digital assets within the system represented as outcomes of time, product, and solutions of other people.

menschForce Nomad

menschForce Nomad is designed for workers who love to travel and work from around the world. They enjoy the unique lifestyle of fulfilling their wanderlust & work as a digital nomad. As a menschForce Nomad you’ve got the ability to visit loads of different countries, and really change things up while seeing the world. A work-Day for menschForce nomads varies hugely making life interesting and exciting. Hours of work are often intertwined with exploring new places, outdoor activities, and soaking up the local culture. The work usually entails calls to various time zones, back-to-back Zoom Meetings, and face-to-face meetings(if needed to meet some local stakeholders), followed by more digital work and meetings while scheduling for the marvelous evening retreat at the beach. Life comes all-in-one for the menschForce Nomads.

A few things people love about being a menschForce Nomad lifestyle

  • Work where you want – digital nomads enjoy the flexibility to work wherever they want in the world.
  • Work when you want – a feature of the nomadic lifestyle is to choose when you work.
  • Travel – digital nomads can travel freely and experience the world.
  • Independence – daily commutes and schedules aren’t a feature of digital nomads. They enjoy a sense of independence that traditional workers do not.
  • Meet interesting people – digital nomads have the opportunity to meet interesting people all around the world. This gives them a different perspective on life that not everyone will get.
  • Cultural influence – digital nomads get to experience a variety of different cultures.
  • Less expensive – depending on the country, your dollar may go further.

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Marketplace Subscription Types

The Marketplace Subscriptions are designed into three types Gold, Silver, and Bronze, regardless of whether a consultant is a Nomad - Who travels across the world frequently and/or takes residency at least once a year to different countries or a Denizen, the one who stays and works from the home country.

menschForce Nomad membership Options

Work engagement comes under four types when initiated by a client.

1. Micro Jobs, 2. Mini Projects, 3. Projects and 4. Large Projects.

The work engagement shall come as Micro Focuses Service, MF Genius, MF Tech challenge, Idea Hub, etc through collaboration & match-making between the clients and the consultant.

Regardless of the work engagement modes, there are four similar roles played by the members which are:

  •  Member as a fixed-income Employee consultant (similar to W2 in the United States) adhering to the local immigration and labor laws. For such engagements, a bonafide Job position must be driven by either Type-A or Type-B needs under the purview of the local/country tax component.
  •  Member as an independent consultant (similar to 1099 in the United States) to generate earnings based on selling your time and skills under the purview of the local/country tax component. This may be limited by the Immigration Laws of the country, for example, the US might need a consultant to qualify for work permits like H1b. menschForce will sponsor such Visas/Work permits FREE of cost.
  • Or a member having a combination of both of the above.
  • A member shall choose to become an entrepreneur, Independent business owner by exercising the Type-C route and eventually as a trader through Type-D.

We all have a threshold, capacity, and limited time to take the workload or commit to any type of work engagement. Thus, it’s an individual’s choice to draw a graph of earnings in the Quadrants of Work Engagement. Normally, in a general scenario, a consultant starts from type A, move to B, then to C, and eventually to D over a while. As a part of the membership, a consultant shall choose to become an employee of the organization on W2 to earn a fixed income or choose to become an independent consultant on 1099 or a combination of both. Since everyone's time is limited to 24 hrs a day, it's the choice that you make to divide between the four quadrants. Typically one will start from A, go to B, then to C, and eventually to D over a period of time.

Whether Nomad or Denizen, you will enjoy the same benefits in terms of Project earnings as a Basic Member of the Society. The only difference is that Nomad Subscribers enjoy traveling and working from anywhere in the world. menschForce membership will take care of the process of Visa, Residency, and other housing needs(third-party, legal, and government fee not included). The Nomad Subscription is designed to take care of the problems and hurdles associated with immigration, travel, and stay from the members so that they can enjoy the hassle-free nomad consultant lifestyle. It's not designed to displace any local employment, so both menschForce and the member consultants shall adhere to the strict measure of taking up only employments that are allowed for migrants with the specific terms & conditions as per the directives of the country's immigration and labor laws. And most importantly if there is a bonafide project engagement is available and the member is qualified for it. The members will be strictly placed under the legal framework of compliance according to those laws.

The common benefits that come with all members are:

  • Access to Marketplace
  • Income from multiple channels
  • Professional Help
  • Skills Development & Training
  • Productivity Tools And Platforms
  • Travel, LifeStyle Management.
  • Health and Wellness Management
  • Financial and Wealth Security

There are three categories and three Levels in each category. For a detailed comparison of the membership levels and the corresponding benefits

For further information, please write to membership-committee@MenschForce.com.

menschForce Denizen

If you don't enjoy much traveling around but love to have a private, relaxed and balanced life while working remotely, then you are a menschForce Denizen. menschForce Denizens shall work for any global client, as a Private employee or a freelance consultant from a remote location or from home. It provides an opportunity for you to have a most-in-one lifestyle. The typical menschForce Denizen may be a freelancer, independent business owner, or work on a virtually distributed team. menschForce Denizens tend to be stationary as compared to the menschForce nomad. They mostly work from their home offices, but at times will travel to co-working spaces or coffee shops. A remote worker typically has a permanent residence, whereas a digital nomad will normally have a semi-permanent residence (or in extreme cases, no residence).

A few things people love about the menschForce Denizen lifestyle

  • Loved ones – more time to spend with loved ones. Being a work-from-home parent has huge benefits for raising children.
  • Productivity – many remote workers say working from home makes them more productive due to fewer office-related distractions.
  • Health – having a better work/life balance can equate to healthier choices. No daily office donuts and other unhealthy foods. Daily exercise is often easier to accomplish in this lifestyle.
  • Cost savings – reduced transportation costs, vehicle depreciation, vehicle maintenance, vehicle wear and tear, home cooking, and many others.
  • Career opportunities – being a remote worker means your boundaries move from your local area to the entire world. This could open up opportunities that may not have existed for you before. Subscribe Now!

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