Certification Training

At menschForce, we understand that to be a successful consultant, continuous training is the most important ingredient. menschForce had tied up with digiBlitz Labs in providing training and internship onIoT, Edge Computing,  Ai, Blockchain, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Full Stack, Blockchain etc. The training is split into two streams Technology based and tools/platform based.

Technology Skills Based:

  • digiBlitz Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional.
  • digiBlitz Certified Enterprise IoT Professional.
  • digiBlitz Certified Ai & Data Science Professional.
  • digiBlitz Certified Robotic Process Automation & digital Adoption Professional.


Platform / Tools Based :

  • digiBlitz Certified Cognitive digital Assets Professional on Karma Capsule Network.
  • digiBlitz Certified Cognitive IoT & Blockchain Professional on Karma Capsule Network.
  • digiBlitz Certified  distributed Applications  &  Process Automation Professional on ELMT.
Mode of Training Delivery: Online Live/Video Sessions/E-learning.

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Authorized Training Partners

All the certification program master-class training sessions are offered directly online and in-classroom by digiBlitz Authorized Training Providers. You may choose the specific provider from your country/region. The master-class training completion certifications shall be provided by the corresponding provides. But the digiBlitz Certification is provided only after successfully passing the Proctored Certification Exams conducted by digiBlitz Labs.

In addition to the certification training, the local authorized training providers also provides additional short term developer  / tools trainings like,

  • Enterprise Java
  • Full Stack Development
  • Business Analyst
  • QA
  • AWS/Azure/Google DevOps Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Go Lang Programmer
  • C, C++  Developer
  • Ethereum Developer
  • Hyperledger Developer
  • Algorithms Developer
  • AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Admin
  • AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Security etc.