Our Satisfaction Guarantee & Cancellation / Refund Policy

At menschForce we strongly believe that the membership benefits including, Type A, B, C & D engagements, Training, books, study programs, seminars and other materials that we provide are the best available, and that if you use these materials as directed you will significantly change your life as a consultant for the better.

All Professional Consultant memberships shall be cancelled within 30 days with 100% refund. Beyond 30 days, membership shall be cancelled by providing a notice of 48 hours and will not incur any further fees. But the fee paid already shall not be refunded regardless of the type of membership.

Consultant Gateway Membership shall be cancelled any time without having to incur any further monthly fee, however, fees already paid shall not be refunded.

All Client memberships shall be cancelled anytime by providing 30 days notice and by settling outstanding dues.

All Trader memberships shall be cancelled any time by providing a notice of 48 hours and settling all the due payments to menschforce.