Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

The Setup Fee is the Charges for the account creation of a member and other technical works conducted by the technical team of Menschforce LLC.  The Setup fee will be refunded within 24 hours from the time of making payment.

The Challenge event means the opportunity for the Client Members to make use of the Menschforce Consultant members for solving the problem or obstacle in the client’s business.

The delivery partner will help in building and managing the business of the independent Business Partner- who has the only idea for the business but lack. The Delivery Partner will be the Single point of contact for that business.

In Client Membership, the business can avail the certain services or products from the Consultants registered in Menschforce LLC.

In Consultant Membership, the individuals can make use of the opportunity to showcase his or her skills and knowledge for the business which is in need of it.

No, the membership fee do not cover the travel and accommodation expenses, the individual is solely responsible for it or in some cases the companies who recruited the individuals will be responsible for the travel or accommodation expenses.

On abanding the Project by either of the party, penalty will be imposed on the member who abanded it. The Client member has to pay the cost or money for the time and resources used by the Consultant till the time of abandment. The Consultant will not get the pay for the work performed by him or her till the time of abandment.

The Consultant members come together to share their knowledge or gain knowledge on the particular subject matter and also conducts meetings to discuss about the innovations or developments can be added in that particular subjects.

  • Robotics & edge devices
  • Edge Computing or Gateway Computing
  • IoT Edge to Enterprise
  • Data Science
  • AI Development & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Development
  • Distributed Computing
  • Full Stack or Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Nueral Networks & Deep Learning
  • Advanced Analytics and Big Data

The duration of the specilization will vary from one consultant to other based on their earning model subscription, the area of subject matter and their contribution to it.

The members can travel to USA, South America, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, African Countries, Asian Countries.

In Micro Projects- the Project Size is less than $2,000

In Mini Projects- the Project Size is between $2000 to $20,000

In Small Projects- the Project Size is between  $20,000 to $100,000

In Large Projects- the Project Size is more than $100,000

Under Type A the members will be considered as an Employee only when the Client Members or Company wants the members to be full time employee. In Type B the Consultants members will not be considered as employee at any time because he or she works as a Freelencer.

The individuals from all over the country who want to zeal in their profession or in a business can be member by subscribing.

The menschForce Cooperative Society is establish to create a win-win scenario for the members and the Society by providing the opportunity for the members to zeal in their profession and also to get Monetary benefits.

On completion of project, the members will receive their profit in the name of MenschForce KarmaCapsule Coin (MFKC)- a Digital Asset.

The MenschForce KarmaCapsule Coin (MFKC) can be converted into the currency as per member’s desires only at the MenchForce LLC situated at USA.

No, the MFKC cannot be traded in the Security Exchanges.

Yes, the Digital Asset can be converted into the Cash in different countries currency value as per the members as well it can be traded to the individuals who wants to buy the MFKC.

The assistance like developing the ideas into business by providing Fintech Assistance, managing services, Intellectual Property Rights and other assistance from Sonicorn LLC.

The Members can exit from the membership by cancelling the subscription.

The members has the liberty to change from one earning model to another only after paying the subscription fee for the desired earning model.

The members who has a business idea or in need of services / personnel for developing those business ideas can subscribe under Client Membership.

In Consultant Membership, the members who have specialized knowledge in a particular field or who gained skills using the menschforce platform (via voluntary signing to Skill Enchancement Classes), can use those skills who is in need of it, either under employee status or in freelancer nature.

From the menschForce LLC in form of digital asset- menschforce Karma Capsule coin.

Yes, if the Client member wants the consultant member to be in off-shore work commitment.

It will differ from one country to another. For H1B visa it will take maximum of one year due to the Regulatory compliances under the USA Laws.


The Incubated Vendor Partner member- an umbrella company of MenschForce LLC but not subsidy of Menschforce LLC. The Incubated Vendor Partner will render service or manufacture the product with its human resource for the other brands.

Yes allowed. If the client restricts then it is not allowed to run a company and if client wants a member to be a employee then he or she is not allowed to run a company.