Start-Up Incubation

StartBlitz is a StartUp hybrid Ecosystem program that combines Incubation and Acceleration into one. It is committed to the success of young Entrepreneurs and the growth of small business owners in the current complex business ecosystem dominated by giants.  A recent study shows that only 4% of start-ups are funded by VCs and Angels. That leaves 96% of the companies fund themselves. While many of this company fails due to lack of capital, that alone is not the reason. As a matter of fact, the other factors that influence the success of the companies are Poor Decisions, Lack of Guidance, Wrong Investment, Bad Team, Lack of the CXO team, Lack of Technology backbone, Lack of Product / Platform Strategies, Weak Marketing, etc. Through the startBlitz Program, we help these startUps to achieve their goals quickly and effectively by laying the proper stage under the digiBlitz Platform for funding and growth. The program takes in a limited number of startups twice every year – January & July. The program has two Phases:

Incubation Phase: 2 Months

Duration of the Incubation Phase 1 is three months during which all shortlisted startup teams(at least 1 member per team) should relocate and spend time onsite(to a City of Choice)  working for at least 20 hours a week each and others remotely. The team will work on POC,  POV, Use Case, Attend Training, Participate in group collaboration efforts, attend coaching sessions, etc. Every team will be provided with the certification of participation and the top 3 companies per location shall be offered to enter the Acceleration phase.

Acceleration Phase: 4 Months 

During the Acceleration Phase, at least one company from each city shall be offered seed money of $25,000 in exchange for 5% equity. There must be at least 2 people working onsite(at this stage, they shall choose to change their StartBlitz city). The other two companies shall be offered to join the acceleration program as well with no seed funding but a 2% equity share. There shall be at least 1 person onsite working for 20 hours a week with the rest of the team working remotely.


North America

Washington DC, USA.


Zug, Switzerland

South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Asia Pacific


Chennai, India

menschForce members will automatically qualify for the Incubation Period and the coaching to be successful Acceleration Period shall be provided as well. For further details, click below: