digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network

Karma Capsule Network (KCN) is digiBlitz’s network’s unique Blockchain. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era of radical business transformations, an exponentially increasing number of devices are utilizing the internet while producing phenomenal digital assets, value creation, preservation, and tradability. However, monetizing all of these is still the most difficult path. Keeping this in mind, digiBlitz – a software platform helping customers in monetizing cyber-physical assets – make it easier to harness the benefits of Digital Asset Monetization (DAM) by giving its platform a potent combination of powerful IoT and Blockchain concepts. The most innovative step is that the digiBlitz Platform brings Value to Naked data from the IoT and makes such data tradable over their lifecycle by Encapsulating Data with State and Artificial

Find the technical whitepaper for KCN at:

Menschforce is a platform for a cooperative society of independent workers that runs on the strength of the digiBlitz’s Karma Capsule Network. Having KCN as its Blockchain implementation for the consortium, Menschforce has laid a powerful foundation for the distributed, decentralized marketplace ideal for traders and service/solutions providers. What fuels its pivotal concept is that any work, deliverable, or product produced on the Menschforce platform gets encapsulated in tradable capsules which can be traded anytime by the traders as both service/solution delivered and tradable digital Asset vehicles for investors.