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You have selected the Consultant Professional Membership: Monthly Payment membership level.

Monthly Installment Payment
  • LifeTime : $4000 - Installments
  • $1500 Initial and $250 every month.
  • You cannot switch to the LifeTime Membership just by paying the difference. You will have to pay the entire $4000 additionally to switch. eg. if you try to switch over after the second month, you would have already paid $1500 + $250. With the additional $4000, your LifeTime membership would cost you $5750 instead of $4000.
  • This is a Full Professional Membership. The benefits of this membership are:
    • 100% Access to the Community
    • Attend all webinars for Free.
    • Access to 100s of Technology learning course materials.
    • Attend Conferences at a Discount Price at a 50% discount.
    • Attend Technology Training courses for FREE.
    • 2 hours of Career Advisory session every month with an SEM / Mentor.
    • Attend Job Interviews for Type-A engagements and get qualified.
    • Apply for unlimited Type -B engagements.
    • Apply & qualified for Type - C ( StartBlitz ).
    • UnLimited training on Type-D ( digital Assets Creation & Trading).
    • digital Assets allocated for Free equal to the membership fee.
    • Can cancel any time(No refund for already paid fee for the month).

The price for membership is $2,400.00 now and then $299.00 per Month.

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